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Trapped at the airport & they don’t care

Yesterday was quite a day. Spent most of it at the Shenandoah Airport outside Harrisonburg, Virginia, and the rest of it at Dulles International Airport in Washington, D.C..

The first flight was delayed, presumably due a problem with the crew. Not a very comforting message. One wonders what kind of problem they were having. Hung-over?

By the time we got going, we missed our connection.

This is why I always bring my brief-case on trips. At least I was able to get a lot of injury law work done when I wasn’t cursing the airlines.

I managed to negotiate a free upgrade to first class for our flight from DC to Boston, but the damn plane never left. This time a light was out, or so they said. We waited and waited and waited. Hours passed and the flight was eventually canceled.

Now our only hope was to stand-by on a later flight.

What troubled me most was how poorly the airlines handled the situation. Bad customer service.

With better communication and customer service, the airlines could have made the situation more tolerable, but frankly most of the people involved acted as if they did not care, and they probably didn’t.

The same thing can happen when you hire a personal injury lawyer or any other kind of lawyer or law firm.

The law profession is a business, too. I don’t care what the stuffed-shirt lawyers say. You know the one’s who refuse to call it a business, and insist on calling it a profession. In reality it is both. Lawyers are to blame for the bad reputation the business/profession has in the eyes of the public.

Do not tolerate bad service from any business– airline, law firm, or whatever

I tell all my injury victim clients that if I don’t answer their questions or return their calls, to fire me.

Fortunately, that is a very rare event at my law firm.

Believe it or not, the client is the boss.

I know that it is important that the lawyer take charge ( that’s what you pay for), but you get my point.

Make them care, if they already don’t.

All the best, and happy & safe travels to you over the holidays.

May you have better luck at the airports than I did, and if you don’t, make them do the right thing. Negotiate for a free ticket or something.

There is nothing to lose.

Keep your strength.
Charlie Donahue
injury lawyer

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