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Tough talking injury lawyers; don’t be fooled by the fools

The television is littered with commercials of tough-talking injury lawyers. They can sound pretty convincing, but most are all talk/ no action.

If you’ve been injured and are getting the run-around from the insurance company, it can be maddening. It is normal to be angry, and want to hire a lawyer who’ll “fix em”, even to the extent of hiring a lawyer with an ugly and nasty personality.

Sounds good, but what usually happens is the client ends up in a fix. Like rabid pit bulls, these tough talkers end up attacking everybody– including their own clients. I’ve helped lots of injury victims who hired someone else, then had the good sense to ” get out of Dodge while the getting was good.”

The insurance company knows who these nasty and arrogant lawyers are, and welcomes the chance to beat them in the courtroom, because judges and juries can’t stand these jokers either.

If you make the mistake of hiring one of them, the insurance company will have a field day making low-ball offers. It knows the lawyer is not capable of winning the case, so you will suffer.

The good news is you are not married to your injury lawyer & can switch at any time. You can do so without extra cost either. I can show you how and can help you if you’re in this unpleasant situation.

This is a people business. Your lawyer should be tough, but fair. Your lawyer needs to get along with other people, or you will pay the price and not even know it until it’s too late.

If you don’t feel comfortable with the lawyer, trust your instincts and good judgment.

Do NOT rely solely upon advertising. As a pioneer in the field of advertising, I am very supportive of a lawyer’s Constitutional right of free speech to advertise. The trouble is that a lawyer can say just about anything, so you need to be careful. Feel free to check out my blog on local lawyers with a documented history of unethical conduct, called ” Before you hire a lawyer ask THIS question.”

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