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Tiger’s caddy– will he or won’t he?

Here’s an opportunity to talk about the virtue of loyalty– something essential for a good lawyer.

As an injury lawyer, there is something that is embedded in my soul– confidentiality.

All lawyers are duty-bound to keep their client’s information confidential, unless the client authorizes disclosure.

Clients need to be able to talk freely with their lawyers, without worrying that their own lawyer will “tell on them” basically. Trust in a lawyer is essential to the judicial process.

That’s why it’s so sad to see lawyers break that trust.

You read about lawyers, particularly injury lawyers, taking advantage of their own clients, even to the point of stealing money from them.

Fortunately, these guys always get caught, but the damage they do to their clients and the reputation of the legal profession is substantial.

Even in small town New Hampshire we have crooks with licenses to practice law.

But, back to confidentiality, and the importance of having 100% loyalty to one’s client. I’m so used to it because folks confide in me regularly, and, even if we do not have an attorney-client relationship, I feel compelled to maintain confidentiality, because I suspect many people expect it given the fact I am a lawyer.

It’s just something I do.

What about Tiger’s caddy– Steve Williams?

In professional golf, the caddy knows it all. He’s there through thick and thin. I’ll bet the tabloids are all over Tiger’s caddy to spill the beans. Multi-millions are to be made, so here’s the ethical dilemma– to talk or not to talk?

You’ll notice that few, if any, other professional golfers will be quick to criticize Tiger Woods.

Is it a way of life for the professional athlete on the road?

I don’t know Tiger’s caddy,and I hope he would not go the route of a snitch.

I don’t have any reason to believe he would.

Tiger’s personal business is nobody’s business.

From what I’ve read, he’s acknowledged his personal failings, and even asked the public for forgiveness, while he tries to make things right at home, which sounds like a herculean task.

But you can bet the blood-thirsty media will continue to dig, and won’t be happy until it can expose all the juicy stuff the public thirsts for and devours.

So, with Mr Williams, will it be omerta ( Sicilian oath of silence until death), or expose for the cash?

I hope it’s silence.

Keep your strength.
Charlie Donahue
injury lawyer

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