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When I’m not practicing injury law, I enjoy golf. I’ve played for many years ( although sometimes my game looks like I’ve never picked up a club), and have always enjoyed watching professional golf.

I’m an 8 handicap, so I know my way around a little bit anyway. I have fond memories of going to many Masters with my friend Al, who moved to Georgia.

There I remember seeing Arnie, Freddy, Jack, Tiger and the rest.

One can hardly avoid all the controversy these days about Tiger Woods. It’s all over the press, and it is the kind of juicy gossip the press loves. The sexual exploits of the rich and famous are guaranteed big press & big money. People love it, but it is truly sad.

I don’t know, nor do I care, what Tiger Woods does off the golf course. His personal life is really nobody’s business. Whether he has zero, one, two, or hundreds of girl friends is between he and his wife.

As a golfer & professional athlete there is no doubt that he is one of the best who ever lived.

If he were an injury lawyer, he’d be world-class, miles above others.

The problem is when others look upon any other human being as a model of behavior. Nobody can or ever will deliver perfection.

Surely Tiger conducted himself with such grace and class, along with a laser sharp focus on golf, that one could not help but be surprised at what is surfacing and what might have been lurking behind the scenes.

He seemed to do everything just right, and his wife is drop-dead gorgeous– as if that matters in these things.

He is a well spoken and intelligent man, and a graduate of Stanford University.

The otherwise intelligent American male, unrestrained by faith or morals, can be a very aggressive ( to put it mildly) and horny ( to be blunt) animal, whose behavior is dominated by pelvic issues.

So it is quite understandable the news has become such a scandal.

We are left asking why.

One lesson, I think, is always to remember not to place anyone on a pedestal, or to look at anyone else as if they have it all together.

Nobody does…

Nobody ever will…

Another lesson, it seems to me, is how often the little guy– or in this case gal(s)– can bring down the big guy. It happens all the time.The rich and famous sitting on top of the world can be humbled real fast if they get too big for their own good.

And, doesn’t it teach us to be happy and satisfied with our own situation in life.

How about this lesson? The media will build you up, then tear you down.

Finally, what Tiger allegedly did is not unusual, is it? We all know people who, sadly, cheat on their spouses, and nobody will know. It is because Tiger is Tiger that made this news.

And, if it is true that he left many text messages to one of his lovers, doesn’t that boldness smack of an arrogance and pride; like someone who just didn’t believe he could ever be caught?

How else could such an intelligent fellow act so stupidly.

Therefore, we need to look at Tiger as one, if not the, best golfer/athletes of all time– nothing more & nothing else.

Leave it to the Church to canonize Saints, who are truly worthy of honor and praise due to their virtuous lives, not their athletic prowess.

Keep your strength.

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