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Tiger apologizes for “transgressions” — whatever that means.

Recently Tiger Woods made a public apology for his “transgressions.”

“Transgressions” is a nice word for what he did. I mean all that tawdry, salacious, and sex-filled behavior could be called something less classy.

“Transgressions” is not a word you hear every day.

In fact, although vitally important the concept of transgression, or, in other words, “sin” is seldom heard at all these days.

So I’m going to talk about it here.

In ancient times and days gone by, such topics were commonly discussed. Let’s then go back in time.

It’s easy for someone to point the accusatory finger of blame at Tiger for his “transgressions/sins”, but what about our own. For every time we point that finger, it is said that 4 fingers point back to ourselves.

The trouble is that except for glaring & obvious transgressions/ sins, most folks have no concept of other, equally dangerous transgressions/sins.

A friend of mine once commented that he never sins.

“Really”, I asked.


But totally wrong. He missed the mark entirely.

I’m sure my friend meant that he is not a criminal, or that he never cheats on his wife. Of course sin covers those things, but it is much more.

These days, however, you seldom, if ever, hear talk of other sinful behavior. If it is not recognized, it can never be rectified, and that is not a good thing at all.

All of us need to be mindful of other types of serious transgressions/sins:

1) Pride
2) Greed
3) Lust
4) Envy
5) Anger (unjustified)
6) Sloth ( laziness)
7) Gluttony ( too much of a good thing)
8) This list is obviously not complete, but it contains the essentials, as we’ll see.

Let’s start with “lust”, the one that probably got Tiger into trouble; or “envy”, the one committed by the guys who “lust” for some quality time with the ladies who entertained Tiger.

Someone once said a man is only as faithful as his options. While I disagree, a fair question is how many men would remain faithful if they were in Tiger’s shoes.

Put another way: How many men in Tiger’s shoes would have resisted any or all the advances?

I dare say it’s a good thing for most of humanity those particular temptations are not ready available.

Granted, Tiger’s ordeal seems to get stranger and stranger, but you get the point.

Next, how about “Greed”? It is a big one in my field of injury law. We all hear of injury lawyers who take advantage of and steal from their own clients. It is sickening enough to gag a maggot.

“Pride” is the universal sin and the foundation of all other transgressions/sins. This is when we place ourselves above others. It has been said: “I am third “: meaning God is first, others second, and, you got it, “I am third.” That is the proper order, but let’s face it, it’s a tough one to swallow. Today’s culture tells us to please ourselves, does it not?

Behind every transgression/sin is the sin of pride– being self-centered & ego-driven. “Pride” is the backbone of them all.

The opposite of pride is the virtue of humility.

What’s the point and where is this all going?

Well, in my view, the Tiger scandal and his public apology for “transgressions” gives us an opportunity not to condemn him ( although we may very well be able to say objectively & fairly that his actions were wrong), but to examine our own lives.

When we fall, and we will (daily), let us pick ourselves up, ask forgiveness, and move on to a new beginning.

For Tiger’s sake, I hope he does, too.

Keep your strength.

Charlie Donahue
injury lawyer

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