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Things gone forever

There are a few things in life that are gone forever once done; things that you can no longer get back.

Love is not one of them.

Trust is not either, although once lost it is very difficult to get back.

The same with lost opportunities and respect.

Hard to regain, but not impossible.

No, I’m talking about a few things that are, indeed, lost forever.

You can never get them back– period.

The two things that come to mind are: 1) time and 2) the spoken word.

Think about it.

Lost time can never be recaptured. It is gone for good.

Therefore, it is good for us to use our time wisely, and not waste it as life is too precious.

Second is the spoken word.

In my business as an injury lawyer dealing with all kinds of folks with all kinds of interests and ulterior motives, I really need to pay attention to this one, and don’t we all.

Our tongues can be a terrible weapon. We are all capable of saying atrocious and hurtful things.

Those words, once spoken, can never, ever be taken back– no matter how much we would like to take them back.

Many are the times I’d like to tell someone off. Some insurance adjusters and lawyers come to mind.

Hopefully we can exercise the virtues of prudence and wisdom by tempering what we say.

I know it isn’t easy, but it is worth it.

Keep your strength.

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