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The virtue of humility


Knowing our place in the universe and among creation is an important thing.

Nobody likes arrogance.

Yet everybody appreciates a humble person— one who has it just right most of the time, and is “real.”

Humility is the opposite of pride— self-centered egotism.

In my line of work I much prefer to have a down-to-earth client rather than a selfish, arrogant, and egotistical client.

Jurors do not relate well to arrogant people.

Who does?

There is not much even the best injury lawyer can do to help an arrogant client get a great result in front of a jury.

And such folks are usually the first to exclaim: ” Let’s see what the jury thinks of this!”  Or, ” I’ll show them.” Or something else equally off the mark and without any basis in reality.

And I think of how regular folks sitting on the jury would take to that kind of client.

” Ya. Right. You’ll show them.”

This is why I insist that my clients just be themselves and not try to be someone they are not.

Most are just plain fine— as is.

It’s not about how much money they have, what schools they went to, who their daddy is, what kind of clothes they wear, the size of their vocabulary or any such thing.

The most powerful thing an injury victim brings to any case is who they are and how some crash really screws things up in their lives, despite their best efforts to overcome the obstacles.

So I try to be myself too—- as imperfect as I am.

None of us have humility mastered and seeking the virtue is far from mastering it.

But, we do the best we can do with what we’ve got.

I’m floored by the humility exhibited by many of my clients, injury victims who’ve sustained terrible disasters.

They are inspirational.

Despite what’s happened to them, they still manage to be more concerned about others, and consider themselves to be lucky, blessed or something else that it wasn’t worse.

We see terrific human interest stories every day.

There is no way any insurance company wants to roll the dice with a jury against these folks.

It is little wonder why I’ve always related well with regular folks— good, decent people.

Enough street-philosophy for tonight.

Thanks for reading my blogs, and taking the time to learn about me, what I think, and who I am.

Keep your strength.

Charlie Donahue

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