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” The Call ” — Coach Belichick & the New England Patriots

How many of you watched the Monday night NFL game featuring the New England Patriots versus the Indianapolis Colts?

It was sold as Tom Brady versus Peyton Manning, and the two teams of the decade going head-to-head again.

The game was everything and more, with the Colts winning (sadly) by a score of 35-34 in the last seconds of the game, and overcoming a 17 point 4th quarter deficit.

This regular season game was not the Super Bowl, and wasn’t even a play-off game, but will always be remembered for ” the call.”

The call was Coach Bill Belichick’s decision, up by 6 points, to go for it on 4th and 2, on their own 28 yard line, with 2:08 left in the game. Make it and game over– showtime, but as you’ve guessed, New England did not make it and Peyton Manning rather easily marched his team into the end-zone for a touchdown. With the extra point the game was over, but not the controversy.

I’m not joining the crowd that says Coach Belichick screwed up, and I’m not on the same planet with those who go so far as to say his great legacy is somehow tarnished by the call.

Frankly, I admire his guts.

If the Patriots get the 1st down and run out the clock, everyone would say it was the greatest call in who knows how long.

The fact of the matter is that Coach Belichick is one of the most successful coaches in NFL history. As in injury law or any kind of trial practice, there are judgment calls and decisions to be made, and there are bound to be some that just don’t work out as planned. That’s life.

What’s important is the willingness to lay it all on the line for victory.

If a coach or, for that matter an injury lawyer, always plays it in a typical or conventional way and never takes calculated risks, then he or she will probably never experience Hall of Fame success in the injury law field.

Just like the baseball hitter who is afraid to strike out– as if it’s a crime or cause for embarrassment– will never hit a home run.

Or like the pitcher who is so afraid to give up a big hit, that he never throws any strikes, and when he has to, gives up the feared long bomb!

Guts, guts, guts.

Only in New England would any one “call” get so much attention, and be the cause of so much upset.

No need to worry.

There are enough real problems in the world that make a football game meaningless.

Every day I see folks whose lives have been thrown into chaos, confusion and despair as a result of somebody else’s negligence. It puts things into perspective real fast.

Yes, I love New England sports, and I, too, was bummed when the Pat’s lost that game; however, being an injury lawyer helps keep me grounded.

Sports are great, but there are not religion– which might be news to some.

I’ve seen more than my fair share of needless suffering.

Besides, the Patriots are going to come back and beat the Colts in the playoffs, and prevail against New Orleans in the Super Bowl.

And, you can bet that somewhere along the way, there will be a 4th and something that the patriots make and nobody will make a big deal of ” that call.”

Keep your strength.

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