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The aftermath of a deposition

I’m fresh off a deposition.

That’s when a lawyer asks questions of the other side or its witnesses. They are taken under oath and in front of a stenographer, who transcribes the questions and answers. Its done at one of the lawyers’ offices, and is a very important part of the litigation.

For one thing it gives the lawyer an opportunity to check out/ eye-ball the witness, and to see how he or she responds to certain things. At all times a judgment is being made as to how a lawyer thinks a jury of 12 lay people will like the witness.

In the area of personal injury law, depositions are very important. They can make or break a personal injury case.

The other day I had a barn-burner.

I’m representing the victim of an auto accident. The fellow was creamed by a foreign fellow who was driving a commercial van for a big business. The guy was rushing, and driving too fast for the road conditions. He lost control and smashed my guy’s car causing him to suffer some pretty serious personal injuries, including fractured hips.

Rather than do the right thing and admit his carelessness, the other driver is trying to blame the road conditions. Worse yet, the company he works for and which is responsible for his actions under the theory of Master-Servant liability ( a company is responsible for the actions of its workers while on the job), is also trying to weasel out of responsibility.

Nothing makes me madder.

We are in suit and I have targeted the case for trial unless the wrongdoers come to terms with their responsibility— a position I made plenty clear at the deposition.

The company made 4 billion dollars in sales last year. Its CEO made 1 million dollars, as did its CFO!

When all is said and done it will rue the day it decided to play games with my client!

Thankfully we are entitled to a trial by jury, and I am entirely confident we will prevail, and that justice will be done.

Keep your strength.

I’ll try to keep mine.

Charlie Donahue

injury lawyer

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