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Stupid Law makers

I was talking with a very intelligent fellow who spent many years in the legal-insurance business.

He was experienced with certain areas of law, lawyers etc., in a way most folks are not.

He was having one heck of a time trying to make sense of his entitlements under Medicare.

He’s at the age where he has to figure these things out.

Medicare A, B, C, D… the whole thing is nothing but a confusing mess, even to him.

There are “donut holes”, deductibles etc, etc.

What does it all mean?

It struck me how rediculous it is that laws which are vitally important to the citizens are so difficult to figure out.

Only smart lawyers could be so stupid.

We need straight-talking, and plain-speaking, common sense people writing our laws.

If a law can not be put in simple, direct and understandable language, it should be put in a trash bin.

It is not asking a lot of our lawmakers to talk our language.

As an injury lawyer, intimately involved with the legal system, I know the importance of plain-speaking.

Keep your strength.

Charlie Donahue

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