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Over the years I have referred to some of my blogs as street- side philosophy. I like to blog about many things, not just injury law. I like to have fun with my blog. My style of writing is casual and down-to-earth. It is not academic or professorial. Therefore, it just seemed natural to call it street-side.
I never thought much about the phrase until I got back from a trip to Spokane, Washington. Trying to work our way around the city we came across hundreds, if not thousands, of folks who truly lived street-side. I am sure that city, like many others these days, has lots of folks who are victims of the economic recession/ depression of the last decade.
They know the streets.
Now, I know in younger years, I , too, knew city life. I spend time living in tough neighborhoods. Yet, it is not really fair for me to say, I know the streets.
There is no way I could ever really and truly know the streets the way these people know the streets. For me, it was always a temporary condition, not a permanent state of life. I was a college student and then a law student with hope. That is different. I always hoped to be a sucessful lawyer, and, quite frankly, knew that day would come.
How different it must be for folks who know, just know with every fibre of their body, that tough times mark their fate.
Living in cities gives somebody a sense of things and a small taste of what life can be under tough conditions, but it is radically different than knowing there is no way up and out.
I never pretended to really understand what that kind of existence is all about.
And, for the most part, many of us in New Hampshire have a pretty good and solid way of life.
Being an injury lawyer gives me a unique perspective. I meet folks from all walks of life, but mostly regular, every-day people doing their best to make it under work difficult circumstances.
It is an honor and a source of great pleasure to help an injury victim get a settlement check that helps make the best of a bad situation, and sometimes, sets them up for life.
I’ll continue blogging about things that interest me, including personal injury law.
Thanks for reading and keep your strength.

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