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So much for conventional wisdom

I’ve been told it is not a good idea for an injury lawyer to talk about politics or religion, especially in public.

After all, such highly charged topics could alienate somebody; make somebody mad. And, that somebody could be a potential client.

So, the conventional wisdom is to stay away from such topics, especially in a blog which is there for the public to see.

Well, I’ve spent almost 28 years throwing my first to conventional wisdom, and doing things my own way, and I’m not about to stop now.

This is my blog, and the beauty of that, is the freedom to do as I damn well please.

I decided from the start to talk about things that interested me, and that I wanted to share with my readers.

It has always been my view that I have nothing to hide, and I welcome folks to get to know me better.

An injury lawyer becomes a partner on your case. We’re in it together. The more we know about each other, the better.

Had I listened to conventional wisdom years ago I never would have opened my own law practice, and I’m convinced beyond any doubt that I would not have been anywhere near as successful as I am today.

I like being a bit of a rebel.

J. Fulton Sheen observed many years ago that dead bodies go with the flow.

Moreover, I truly believe that most folks want a lawyer who stands for something, and is not afraid to take a stance.

It is therefore my observation that the only prejudice the mainstream media tolerates is Anti-Christianity, particularly Roman Catholicism.

Not only is it allowed, the prejudice is encouraged.

There is hell to pay if anyone says anything against any other group, but as for these causes, it has been open-season.

The prejudice is palpable– and dead wrong.

We all have the right to practice our own faiths, and even a lack of faith, if we are so inclined. As Americans that is up to each of us. There must be tolerance for everybody’s right to practice what they want— period. That does not mean we need to accept as truth, or as moral equivalents everyone’s thoughts on the matter, because that would not make sense.

It is fine, and good, to listen to everyone with an opinion. At the end of the day that will only strengthen one’s own faith. It’s good to know the arguments. As in personal injury law, or any law for that matter, it is important to know all sides of an argument, issue or disagreement.

These days there is a misuse of the concept of tolerance.

It should never mean watering down of one’s own beliefs solely because somebody else has a differing view-point.

Live and let live. Or, as our license plates here in the Granite State of New Hampshire remind us: ” Live free or die!”

Thanks for listening/reading these thoughts.

Keep your strength, and have a great weekend!

Summer is here at long last.

Charlie Donahue

injury lawyer/ personal injury law

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