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Rev Sharpton: Tiger’s lack of mistress diversity— believe it or not?

I’m not a fan of Reverend Al Sharpton.

Over the years he’s been known to shoot off his mouth on many racially motivated subjects, and law suits.

Today I got an email from a friend that’s been circulating around the internet.

It purports to contain quotes from Rev Sharpton on the Tiger Woods affair.

Supposedly, he condemns Tiger for not having any black girlfriends, as did Martin Luther King and Jesse Jackson. Also, he criticizes him for depriving his own people of making money on the fiasco. It’s the white gals who’ll make a fortune by disclosing their affairs with Tiger, and that’s not fair.

It’s all about “mistress diversity.”

I don’t buy it.

The internet is a wonderful thing, but one must be very careful and critical about what one reads. True to the old adage: don’t believe everything you read!

Even though I am not a Sharpton fan, I will go on the record to say I do not believe this to be a true story. I’m willing to bet it is fiction.

At first glance, there is every reason to fall for this story hook, line and sinker. Sounds like Sharpton being Sharpton.

But the story is over-the-top crazy– even for the good reverend.

I won’t believe it until I see & hear him say those things myself.

My two cents on today’s latest Tiger news.

Keep your strength.
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