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No National ID Card

I understand why people get all concerned about illegal aliens, or as some say undocumented people or  whatever they are called now. The world is a crazy place and a lot of very bad things have happened. The bad events disrupt our sense of peace and security. There is a natural tendency to fight back and why not. Self- defense has long been a recognized right of the citizenry.

But requiring all of us to carry a National ID Card goes way too far and constitutes a major violation of our legal rights as a free people.

Biometric tracking too?

Give me a break. As someone involved in the legal system of this country for three decades, I have seen first-hand the excesses and problems with big government.  The bigger government gets, no matter how well- intended, the greater erosion of individual liberty.

It collects our emails, text messages, phone calls and who knows what else.  It spies on its own people.

There has got to be a better way.

Save our Constitution– whatever is left of it.










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