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New England patriots rule


I’ve been a sports’ fan longer much longer than I’ve been an injury lawyer.

I’m always using sports analogies in my business, especially the concept of “team.”

It’s something I am committed to.

All my clients are my team-mates; we’re in it together.

Because I get paid on commission— 1/3 of recovery— the better I do for my client, the better I do for me.

Unlike some lawyers these days who have no respect for their own clients, and who lie to them and cheat them, it strikes me to the core that my clients and I become one.

Team-mates in the pursuit of justice, which, in injury law, is achieved by recovering as much money as I can.

Money does not replace health, and can’t come close to replacing the loss of a loved one.

It sounds crass to even talk in terms of money as a form of compensation.

There really is no compensation.

That is a myth.

I never equate the two— money & compensation.

But my strong feeling is that those who have been injured and those left behind after a tragic event need and deserve to have less of a financial burden. Their lives should be made easier while they struggle to get things together and overcome some sort of unexpected and undeserved calamity. Money does not make it all better— far from it; however, financial security can be a very big help during difficult times.

In our system justice=money.

That’s the way it is.

Well, I started this blog talking about sports, and the New England Patriots.

Under Coach Bill Belachick they are the consumate team.

You’ve got to love the fact none of the players ever say anything stupid to the press.

They are well schooled.

They never bad-mouth an opponent or shoot their mouths off.


Coach tells them to ” say little when you win, and less when you lose.”

Great advice for all sorts of pursuits.

Now the Patriots are 2 wins away from a Super Bowl appearance in a re-building year.

I hope I can blog about a few more victories this year.

Keep your strength.

Charlie Donahue

injury lawyer

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