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My last thoughts about the trip

My most recent blogs have been about my summertime trip.
This will end that topic.
I enjoy writing about common everyday experiences that have little or nothing to do with injury law.
It is important not only to work hard, but to play hard.

So I will take you back to Rome.
Here we are in one of the world’s great cities, full of history and beauty, and the first thing we see outside the metro stop is a sex shoppe.

We heard that pickpocketing is a popular sport in Rome.
My friend had a terrific idea.
He brought an extra wallet full of monopoly money.
He draped it in his back pocket, barely hanging on like a drunk might try to stuff a wallet in his back pocket and almost miss.
There it was.. eye candy for thieves.

Walking around some of Rome’s busiest places like the Pantheon and the Fountain of Trevi, we enjoyed trying to provoke a pickpocket.
You could see the eyes of the predators and sense their excitement, as they got closer and closer trying to make the easy score. At night they had flash lights and some sent beams of light on his hind end, alerting fellow thieves of the prey.

The job was never completed, however.

Off the coast of Southern Italy, by the toe of the boot, is the Island of Stromboli. Not to be confused with the popular Italian food in the US ( totally unknown to real Italians) this island is the home to an active volcano, which still spews smoke.
At the bottom of the mountain there are many beautiful and expensive homes.
One wonders what company insures those places.

And we found the toughest ants in the world on a beach in Crete, the Greek Island in the Mediterranean. Sitting on a beach that was once occupied by the Nazis in World War 2, we noticed some big ants. They were impressive. For whatever reason my friend, a weight lifter, decided to smash an ant with his fist. Not a very nice thing to do, but that’s what he did. To our amazement the ant, looking a little dazed, kept motoring onward. A second smash took his leg off. Hobbling on, the third smash did him in, but not without a client effort.
No doubt this ant would have fared quite well fighting a lion at the Colloseum.

I hope you have enjoyed these vacation blog posts.
I’ve enjoyed talking about them.

Keep your strength,
Charlie Donahue
Injury lawyer

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