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More bailout $$$$ to large insurance company – enough is enough!

Today our government decided to give 30 BILLION more dollars to AIG Insurance. This is on top of the 150 Billion it already gave to this insurance company.

Where will this money come from?

Is anyone else fed-up with this craziness?

Time for a 3rd party, or at least some politicians who actually get it?

We are the greatest nation on earth and it is high time we stop acting out of fear and despair and actually have the courage to do what is right. There may be some tough times, but we’ll get through them if we bite the bullet. Our government officials need to know we are not seeking quick fixes because we are all in this for the long run.

As an injury lawyer, I’m deeply concerned with the nonsense going on in Washington. Let’s help our politicians be more courageous.

Our elected officials throw around BILLIONS of dollars to these insurance companies who refuse to pay injury victims the thousands they need and deserve.

Keep your strength.
Charlie Donahue, Injury Lawyer

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