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” Just be yourself ” & I really mean it!

I met with a lady the other day, who was involved in a serious auto accident. When she met us at the office dressed in sweatshirt & jeans, she said her husband told her before she left the house, that she should wear something nicer because she was meeting with an attorney.

She told him: ” Charlie told me to be myself.”

When we spoke on the phone, that was the last thing I told her, and I meant it.

The most valuable thing an injury victim brings to an injury case is his/her self. We are all unique, having certain talents, gifts, and shortcomings. We all have hopes, dreams,and goals.

We come to the present moment by different routes and experiences.

I want all my clients just be be themselves at all times and not try to be anyone else.

I never want an injury client feeling they have to be something different to impress an insurance company, or that somehow being themselves is not enough.

Just the opposite is true.

Personal injuries happen to all kinds of folks, and the vast majority of folks are ordinary and hard working, many struggling to make a go of it.

When you come to my office, don’t feel like you need to wear a suit and tie just because you’re seeing a lawyer.

If that’s what you’re comfortable with, and that’s the way you dress, that’s a different story.

But when you arrive and we meet, don’t be surprised if I’m dressed casually, because it’s seldom that I wear my lawyer clothes.

I’m more comfortable dressed that way.

Keep your strength.

Charlie Donahue
injury lawyer
Keene, New Hampshire

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