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It’s off to Pennsylvania

I’ve been blogging about Donahue Law’s ability to handle personal injury, accident, medical malpractice, and other injury cases anywhere in the country.

Today I was able to connect a client, who was injured in Pa., with an injury lawyer, Ken Goodman, who has been a close friend of mine since childhood days in Lowell, Mass..

Ken and I will join forces to help this nice lady and her dad. Ken is a great guy with an incredible record at trial. Can’t beat it. Helping personal injury clients get the money they need and deserve while catching up with an old friend. We spent a lot of time on the baseball diamond and will surely talk of the good, old days.

It truly is a small world as Ken and I are also working on a large personal injury case for another NH client also injured in Pa..

I’m confident we’ll have smashing successes in the State of Pennsylvania.

When I take a case in another state, and connect with a lawyer in that state, I hardly ever need to leave Keene. With email, faxes, text messaging and cell phone communication life is made much easier. Obviously, if there are depositions, a mediation or a trial, I will spend some time in that jurisdiction.

Although Donahue Law is based in small town Keene, NH., we handle injury cases all over the country.

It costs nothing to talk with me and I don’t get paid until you win!

Keep your strength,
Charlie Donahue, injury lawyer

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