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Injury Lawyer Advertising & the Game Changing Internet

When I first started to advertise my services as an injury lawyer specializing in personal injury cases, it was considered a big deal to do an ad in the local newspaper. When I decided to promote my services on the radio, that was a real big step. So when I made the decision to inundate the airwaves with commercials on cable television, that was revolutionary in rural New Hampshire, something reserved for big city injury lawyers.

Not to mention advertising in the phone book. For crying out loud, when I decided to make a major investment in that medium years ago, there was no real advertising, only a few small listings. What these lawyers were doing in terms of advertising was next to useless. It was as if those lawyers were saying I’d like to advertise my services, and tell you something about my law practice, but I don’t dare do so. It was as if they were embarrassed. They were on the right track, but just couldn’t pull the trigger. Then I came along, and not only rocked the establishment, I’m sure I caused convulsions.

Without doubt, I created a monster. I started with a triple column, and eventually a full page. Others followed, so I went bigger. It was the back of the phone book, with a full page in the book. If that weren’t enough, there was part of the front cover, too, along with 2 full page ads back-to-back in the book. And on and on.

The salesmen from the phone company loved it and they became masters at playing one lawyer off another, so that injury lawyers came to believe that if they didn’t own a large chunk of the book, they would be at a tremendous, if not insurmountable, disadvantage.

You can only imagine the kind of money being spent by personal injury and accident attorneys on phone book advertising. Personally, I’ll be thrilled when injury victims never use the phone book to find a lawyer or his number. It will save me a bundle. While the phone book is truly obsolete in many larger cities, I think it still is a player in the smaller cities and towns, but 2 years from now it’s game over.

Now comes the internet, and thank God for it. Injury victims, in my view, can get a better idea of who they will be hiring, and see many options before they ever make an office visit. They can ask questions from the comfort of their own homes, and not feel pressured by any lawyer. They can visit blogs like mine, and many sites have a section on frequently asked questions. This is all good stuff, but the decision to hire an injury lawyer should only be made after meeting with the lawyer.

From my point of view, I like the fact I can exercise my Constitutionally protected 1st Amendment right of free speech to bash the insurance industry to my heart’s delight, and hopefully provide helpful information to injury and accident victims.

Keep your strength.
Charlie Donahue
Injury Lawyer

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