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A few months ago I had the honor of giving my mother-in-law’s eulogy in Dayton, Ohio.

It is always difficult to deliver a meaningful message under emotionally trying circumstances to family and friends.

After considerable time in thought, preparation, and prayer, I gave it my best.

That’s all we can ever do.

Fortunately it went very well. The tribute was fitting, and the message was clear.

The crowd– most anyway– was receptive, and the minister seated in the front row was my biggest fan.

He was nodding with approval throughout, which was comforting to see.

Afterward a lawyer who was present commented on ” silver-tongued” injury lawyers/ trial lawyers.

Quite frankly, he was a business lawyer who was trying to be gracious and kind, but what struck me was the lack of sincerity.

Why would I take issue with a compliment?

Well, nobody should really ever think I’m “silver-tongued.” That’s not my style. I’m not one for the King’s English, hard-to-understand vocabulary, or smooth talking.

On the contrary, I’ve got to say that I’m more of an in-your-face, plain-speaking, and direct guy– not some kind of fancy orator.

The message, I know, went about as well as I could give it ( false modesty is no virtue).

But, by all means, it was brief and direct. Straight-shooting. Powerful. Hopefully meanginful!

It’s no different than the way I present an injury case for my clients.

It is a rare thing for anybody to say they don’t know where I’m coming from. I try to be as direct as possible so there is no room for confusion.

Some folks might not like the message, but at least they get it.

As I was honored to deliver Julie’s eulogy, I am honored to help an injury victim in the pursuit of justice.

I take it very seriously.

Thanks for tuning in!

Charlie Donahue

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