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That aint me

Sadly a local injury lawyer got involved in some real bad business and is about to get disbarred.

More sadly, he has an Irish last name, as do I.

Most sadly is the fact some people might confuse us because of the Irish names.

I met a potential client today who told me about the confusion.

Well, I can assure all my readers, clients and friends that I am not that fellow; that I run a clean shop; and that I’ve been involved with injury law and personal injury cases for over 27 years with no end in sight.

If other injury lawyers conduct themselves in such a way as to mistreat their own clients that is their choice. As for me, my client’s best interests always come first— period.

Those who know me, and have dealt with me, know that I am not that other guy— never have been, never will be.

Keep your strength.

Charlie Donahue

personal injury lawyer

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