Exposed: The shameful fraud played on the jury!

What the law hides from the jury. I think it’s outrageous, and unfair.

Say an injury victim is treated unfairly by an insurance company that wants to make a terrible offer. All the injury victim can do is file a lawsuit. The jury is asked to make a decision. And that is what trial by jury is all about and it’s a great system– the best the world has ever come up with.

Here’s the trouble:

The injury victim and the lawyer can not tell the jury the person being sued has insurance coverage. They can’t tell the jury that person’s lawyer is being paid by an insurance company.

It’s a fraud. It’s unfair.

And it’s the law because the mighty insurance industry and their big buck lobbyists make the law.
So the insurance company gets to mistreat someone, bully them and hide.

The only hope is that the men and women on the jury see though the sham and figure out there is insurance.

In my view the jury should be trusted with all the information to make the right decision. Juries are very smart. And 12 jurors are way smarter than any lawyer or judge.

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