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Donahue Law welcomes Scott Gardner

The injury law firm of Charlie Donahue welcomes a new employee, Scott Gardner, as part of the team.
Scott will be helping with administration and reception.
He loves dealing with people and has a good eye for detail.
He is an accomplished and highly regarded local actor.
In his short time on staff, he has been very positively received by clients who appreciate his positive and cheerful attitude.
We are happy to have Scott on board.
When you call here, chances are you will be talking with him.
I need to point out that Denise and Deb have done a great job training Scott.
They insist that I stick to the law and leave the training to them.
Undoubtedly a good idea!
Helping injury victims is a new endeavor for Scott, but he is catching on at a good pace and he wants to do a first-class job.

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