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Donahue Law welcomes new staff member

A better late than never welcome to new staff member, Ron Callahan.

Ron joins our team after working nearly 4 decades for the insurance industry in all facets of personal injury claims.

Ron rose through the ranks and was responsible for working on many high-end, serious injury law cases.

He became an expert at evaluating injury claims and negotiating personal injury settlements.

Ron knows 1st hand what the insurance companies are thinking, and what they are looking to do on a case. Often times he knows the thoughts of the adjusters who are evaluating the injury claims.

As in anything else, knowledge of the enemy/opposition is invaluable.

Ron’s been there; done that.

I call him an ” old war horse.”

It’s great to have him on board.

Ron’s worked with some of the best injury lawyers throughout New England. He used to be the guy responsible for paying insurance defense lawyers. He knows good lawyers from bad lawyers.

At Donahue law, I ask Ron to independently evaluate each and every injury claim, and come up with settlement recommendations.

We bang heads together to come up with a winning strategy.

Sometimes he’ll do the negotiating, and sometimes we switch off.  It all depends on the case.

Ron is a very skilled negotiator, so I love to bring him to mediations.

Watching Ron work a case is like watching an old dog chew on a leather shoe.

He is relentless, and isn’t happy until he gets the last dollar.

Ron’s also very well respected by everyone who handles injury cases.

He’s also a heck of a good fellow, and is a proud grand-daddy as well.

Welcome my friend.

Nice to have you on-board now that you’ve left the forces of darkness!

Keep your strength.

Charlie Donahue

Injury Lawyer

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