Donahue Law Slogans: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Slogans.  Over the years I’ve used a few. 

They reflected me at different times.

One of my first was:

” Make them pay.”

Pretty bold and aggressive.

Caught some flack for it.

Another was:

” It pays to call Charlie.”

Not aggressive enough.


” Knuckles of brass… heart of gold.”

Talk about aggressive.

I was uncomfortable about it because it didn’t feel right saying those things about myself.

That’s for others to say.

In fact, that’s how I got it.

It was a recommendation by a client with a knack for marketing.

Today it’s:

” Helping the injured restore their lives.”

Seems appropriate for me in this stage of my career.

There’s been one constant theme from the start.

I’ve always said: ” It costs nothing to meet with me & I don’t get paid unless you win.”

The only change I’d consider is one word: “unless” to ” until”.

Thanks for reading.

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  • It is not too much to expect people to follow the rules of safety—whether it be on our roadways, at our places of work or in our hospitals. For the safety for ourselves, those we love and our neighbors, it is important to hold wrongdoers accountable for causing harm.

    At Donahue Law, we stand up to the mighty insurance companies to protect the injured and to help make our communities safer places to live and work—one client at a time.

    Signed Charlie Donahue
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