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A lawyer friend said something very interesting. The punch-line was that every client is a gift. Sounds like feel-good, sappy, super-sensitive mush, and I’m not crazy about that kind of thing. But it’s not. My friend hit the truth on the head. There has never been a better definition of what a client is— a gift. And any lawyer who doesn’t get it is a fool.

There are tons of lawyers. These days you throw a rock & you’ll hit half a dozen injury lawyers. What makes them different from each other? After all, don’t they all pass the same bar exam? Now that it’s safe to advertise ( not like the good old days when I helped pioneer the effort), seems like all kinds of lawyers hold themselves out as personal injury, accident, medical malpractice and wrongful death injury lawyers. Who does a potential client turn to?

The point is that a client has many choices– even if most of them are not very good choices. When a potential client shows up at the front door, that is a big deal, a very big deal.

When I first started in the law business, many attorneys had the wrongful impression that they were doing the client a favor by taking a case. Many looked down their noses at the good folks sitting in front of their desks. And I benefited. I got many more than my fair share of cases because I never was one of those arrogant kind of lawyers. Folks signed up with me in numbers never seen in the area because I was different.

Not to say every lawyer was like that, but too many were, and, sadly, too many still don’t get it.

By the way, at Donahue Law, we’ll treat you right.

Keep your strength.
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