Jan 20

Donahue Law Slogans: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Posted by Charlie Donahue in Charlie On The Issues

Slogans.  Over the years I’ve used a few.  They reflected me at different times. One of my first was: ” Make them pay.” Pretty bold and aggressive. Caught some flack for it. Another was: ” It pays to call Charlie.” Not aggressive enough. Then: ” Knuckles of brass… heart of gold.” Talk about aggressive. I[…]

Aug 29

Exposed: The shameful fraud played on the jury!

Posted by Charlie Donahue in Charlie On The Issues

What the law hides from the jury. I think it’s outrageous, and unfair. Say an injury victim is treated unfairly by an insurance company that wants to make a terrible offer. All the injury victim can do is file a lawsuit. The jury is asked to make a decision. And that is what trial by[…]

Jun 12

Trucking Accidents in the Northeast

Posted by Charlie Donahue in Charlie On The Issues

Trucking accidents account for thousands of injuries annually in the United States, and for seemingly obvious reasons—tractor-trailers, commonly referred to as semi-trucks, are substantially larger and heavier than any other vehicles on the road. Their size alone gives truck drivers limited visibility, and when other drivers fail to appreciate the truck’s size and weight, accidents[…]

May 19

Jury Trials — FRAUD EXPOSED!

Posted by Charlie Donahue in Charlie On The Issues

It is my firm belief that every case should be settled in an amicable fashion—fair and reasonably. I always advise my clients to settle for a fair amount; this is not some sort of lottery—at least not in my view. Sadly, the insurance companies, all too often, decide to short-change and cheat injury victims. When[…]

Apr 06

Accidents Resulting in Spinal Cord Injuries

Posted by Charlie Donahue in Charlie On The Issues

The spinal cord is a critical component of our bodies—responsible for much of our strength, sensation, and mobility, an injury to the spinal cord may change your life forever. Spinal cord injuries are often the result of trauma, whether it be from an auto accident, a work-related accident, sports or a medical mistake. Regardless of[…]

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