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It is my firm belief that every case should be settled in an amicable fashion—fair and reasonably. I always advise my clients to settle for a fair amount; this is not some sort of lottery—at least not in my view.

Sadly, the insurance companies, all too often, decide to short-change and cheat injury victims.

When that happens it is important to have a lawyer who is willing to present your case to a jury.

Trial by jury is a great American tradition. It is important in a free society that the citizens make the important decisions. Without juries, the little guy has no chance for justice. In front of the jury, everyone is equal—justice for all.

Unfortunately the power people have done all they can to corrupt trial by jury, to advance their own big money interests at the expense of good, hard-working folks.

The laws are written by the powerful– and that includes big, powerful insurance companies.

Let me give you an example of how the system is stacked against the little guy:

When a case goes to jury trial, the insurance company gets to HIDE. The law prevents the lawyer for the injury victim to tell the jury that the person being sued has insurance. In fact, even though the insurance company is the real party- in- interest, the plaintiff has to sue the other person involved and not his insurance company!

The jury is not told that if the injury victim wins, the verdict is paid by insurance. The trial looks like one individual—the plaintiff, against another—the defendant.

Throughout all pre-trial negotiations the insurance company can bully, harass, threaten, intimidate and make the injury victim’s life difficult, and then HIDE at trial.

The system perpetrates this fraud on the jurors.

And the big insurance companies love it because it tends to limit the amount of jury awards. If jurors are deceived into thinking a defendant might have to pay the award out of his own pocket, they might be hesitant to make a large award—even if the injury victim is entitled to a huge award.

In my opinion, the jury should be told that the defendant has insurance, and that insurance is paying for his lawyer and will pay for any verdict it might award.

Instead, injury victims just have to hope that the jurors figure it out on their own. This is unfair to the little guy in his quest for justice. The compensation that should go to the injury victim and his family goes, instead, to the corporate big-wigs by way of bonuses.

I truly hope that one day there will be enough legislators, who truly want to help the little guy, to change these kind of very unfair laws.

The jurors should be trusted to hear everything that either side needs to present—after all, shouldn’t a jury trial be about justice for all?

There is no mathematical formula to determine case value…

Only in magic, not law.

Some folks think you add your medical bills and multiply by a number to get case value.

Sadly, some lawyers think that’s how you do it too.

No way.

No such thing.

Not so easy.

If it were that easy an honest lawyer would simply tell you the magic formula so you could do the math on your own.

To do injury cases properly, and to get maximum, fair value, there are many more considerations.

There is no simple, easy, magical mathematical formula.

Charlie Donahue

Injury Lawyer

You don’t need to impress me

I love being with real, ordinary and unpretentious people.

We are all on this journey together, and nobody is any better than anyone else.

Never been into trying to impress.

I meet my clients in a living room setting, not from behind a big mahogany lawyer desk.

I value good, old fashioned straight talk.

I want you to be at home.

In fact I meet many clients in their own homes.

If you’re looking for a stuffed shirt type of lawyer, I’m not your guy.

Charlie Donahue

Injury Lawyer

Why Injury victims Get $$$

It’s the law.

When someone has been injured they are entitled to compensation.

That means money.

Money for pain, suffering and disability, loss of enjoyment of life – past, present and future.

Money for mental anguish, anxiety and worry – past, present and future.

Money to reimburse your lost wages and medical bills.

Money for everything tangible and intangible you’ve lost.

It’s only right.

Let’s face it, life is expensive. If you are no longer able to do what you could do, you will pay a price now and in the future. The law tries to make up for the loss.

This is not some sort of lottery or windfall. The goal is to make up for what you lost – that is, to compensate you.

The best thing that you could ever have is something that can never happen – to turn back the clock and undo the accident. All honest injury victims would much rather have their health and the health of their loved ones rather than money.

Money is a crass, but necessary substitute.

You never asked for the injuries. They have been forced upon you – without your permission. And, as Americans, we treasure life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

It’s in our genes.

This is why there is insurance – to pay the freight.

To pay everything, not just pay small claims, to pay big ones too.

Full and fair damages.

If that’s a lot of money, so be it.

Don’t let defense lawyers and insurance companies cheapen the value of human life.

Here’s some in-your-face straight talk: When their loved ones get injured, they are the first in line to insist upon money damages – big money damages.

You are entitled to the same treatment.

The rich, middle class, and poor – no matter who you are – need to be treated the same.

It’s the law.

Charlie Donahue

Injury Lawyer

You are way more than a few notes on a yellow legal pad…

If all you are to your lawyer is a few notes on a yellow pad of paper, you might want to get a new lawyer.

You have a story–a very important story of your life and what’s happened to you and your loved ones since an accident.

Injuries have a way of turning life upside down.

It’s crucial that your lawyer spend time with you to know your story.

If your lawyer does not know or care about your story, there is no way it will ever be communicated to an insurance company, judge or jury.

You, as a client, are the boss.

It’s not like the old days when the lawyer was some kind of power figure, with all the knowledge and all the answers–thankfully!

It’s never too much to make sure your voice is heard–especially by the person you are paying to help you.

The law allows you to change lawyers without penalty.

There are lots of lawyers out there — many who actually care about their clients, and listen.

Although, I don’t pretend to be perfect for one second, I can say that me and my staff make it a priority to listen.

Have a nice day!

Charlie Donahue

Injury Lawyer

How can the law permit fraud? Insurance companies get to hide.

Fraud is illegal and always should be.

Here’s the problem.

Insurance companies are powerful.They have a lot of influence over law makers.

So guess what?

When an injury victim gets screwed over by an insurance company, the only remedy is to file suit.

And, under the law, you can’t sue the insurance company. The lawyer must sue the person – even though hiding (and lurking) in the background is an insurance company.

Worse yet, the lawyer can’t tell the jury the defendant has insurance!!

Can’t say anything about it—even though the jurors must be wondering.

This law was put into place by the power people, big insurance companies to mislead jurors into thinking if they award a big verdict the defendant will have to pay.




It’s actually criminal.

Insurance companies should not be allowed to hide, and hopefully one day the law will change to allow juries to get all the facts.

It’s simply a matter of trusting the jury with all the information.

It’s legal arrogance and very condescending and demeaning to the good, intelligent people who serve on our juries—who as a group are the smartest people in the court room—by far.

All injury victims can only hope that someone on the jury will figure it out.

Thanks for reading, and listening to me complain!

Charlie Donahue

Injury Lawyer

One of the biggest mistakes injury victims make is…

Trusting the insurance company to do the right thing, and dealing with the insurance company on their own. They hope the insurance company will be fair.

Most people want to give the person they are dealing with the benefit of the doubt.

They want to trust.

They want to believe the person from the insurance company will do the right thing — because most people try to do the right thing, and, yes, almost everyone I deal with is not litigious, is not looking at their case as a lottery, is not looking to hurt anyone else.

So when they have a problem they go it alone — and most end up miserably disappointed.

My advice:

Talk with a lawyer first!

See what the lawyer says.

If you won’t need a lawyer and can do it on your own, many will say so.

You have nothing to lose.

Its always a good idea to know where you stand, what your rights are, and all your options.

I’m happy to talk with you.

Charlie Donahue

Injury Lawyer


Slogans.  Over the years I’ve used a few.

They reflected me at different times.

One of my first was:

” Make them pay.”

Pretty bold and aggressive.

Caught some flack for it.

Another was:

” It pays to call Charlie.”

Not aggressive enough.


” Knuckles of brass… heart of gold.”

Talk about aggressive.

I was uncomfortable about it because it didn’t feel right saying those things about myself.

That’s for others to say.

In fact, that’s how I got it.

It was a recommendation by a client with a knack for marketing.

Today it’s:

” Helping the injured restore their lives.”

Seems appropriate for me in this stage of my career.

There’s been one constant theme from the start.

I’ve always said: ” It costs nothing to meet with me & I don’t get paid unless you win.”

The only change I’d consider is one word: “unless” to ” until”.

Thanks for reading.


New Billboard of attorney Charlie Donahue up in Troy NH

New Billboard up in Troy NH

There’s no doubt I’m pretty tied up representing people involved with serious and catastrophic injury cases.

I’d go into another line of work immediately if all that bad stuff could come to an end.

Well, why on earth would I put up a billboard looking to help people who are being hounded by creditors?

I’m seeing too much unfair debt collection these days.

And there are too many good, well-intended decent folks whose lives are being made a living hell by greedy corporate entities.

I have no trouble with fair collections, but when the powerful cross the line they must be held responsible.

Ever since I was a kid I have been interested in Consumer Protection. It’s in my blood.

How do I have the time to open a new field on top of serious injury cases?

Easy. A close friend is the country’s best consumer protection lawyer. He’s been kicking the butts of corporate greed for years, helping the little guy with astronomical jury verdicts.

I will team up with he and his staff.

We are going to do our best to help rid our community of those who unfairly hound and harass good folks.

We are angels of death for the bullies.


What the law hides from the jury. I think it’s outrageous, and unfair.

Say an injury victim is treated unfairly by an insurance company that wants to make a terrible offer. All the injury victim can do is file a lawsuit. The jury is asked to make a decision. And that is what trial by jury is all about and it’s a great system –- the best the world has ever come up with.

Here’s the trouble:

The injury victim and the lawyer can not tell the jury the person being sued has insurance coverage. They can’t tell the jury that person’s lawyer is being paid by an insurance company.

It’s a fraud. It’s unfair.

And it’s the law because the mighty insurance industry and their big buck lobbyists make the law.
So the insurance company gets to mistreat someone, bully them and hide.

The only hope is that the men and women on the jury see though the sham and figure out there is insurance.

In my view the jury should be trusted with all the information to make the right decision. Juries are very smart. And 12 jurors are way smarter than any lawyer or judge.

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