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Charleston, South Carolina– one of a kind

This injury lawyer just made a weekend visit to one of our country’s most special places– Charleston, South Carolina.

Wasn’t there on injury law business or any case at all for that matter, as I was last week when I was in Grand Haven, Michigan ( not a bad place either).

No, this Yankee personal injury/ auto accident attorney was there with his son, who was looking at colleges, and trying out for a baseball team.

I have to say this place is really worth a visit. It is charming old south, with a new world cosmopolitan touch.

The weather, the people, the history, the places and the atmosphere are, as a package deal, unparalleled in many ways— unique for sure.

There is something for everyone.

The waterfront is historic and beautiful. The marketplace area is terrific!

It has quickly become one of my favorite US cities– way up near the top.

I’m sure they’ll be an insurance adjuster or two, and a whole lot of lawyers, who are probably saying I should move there, but no such luck. They’re stuck with me.

It’s always good to be home!

Keep your strength.

Charlie Donahue
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