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Alternative Dispute Resolution

That's a fancy legal phrase for a way to end a case without going to trial. In NH, some form of ADR is required for all cases in suit. The court wants to encourage parties to settle their disputes. This alleviates a burden and expense on the court. Jury trials are...

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At a tour of the Aquarium in Atlanta. Tour guide is a graduate of Georgia Tech - very pleasant and knowledgeable. 40 years ago I was a National Park Ranger giving tours. Never realized what good training it was for trial law. The tour guide is a teacher, a guide - as...

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Voir Dire

This legal expression means "to speak the truth". It's used when the lawyers question potential jurors before a trial starts; that is, conducting a voir dire. The point is to get a fair jury. I've always found it interesting that the traditional emphasis has been on...

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You need excellent insurance coverage

Not only does it protect your assets if you mess up, it also provides you coverage if you get hit by an uninsured driver or underinsured driver - and there are lots of them out there. Check out my website on under/uninsured motorist protections. I see way too many...

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Get a second opinion.

Get a second opinion and maybe a new lawyer. Some people sign up with a lawyer and figure they are stuck. Not true. The law recognizes that sometimes things don't work out in the lawyer-client relationship. The most important thing is not bruised feelings of a lawyer,...

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