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Brutal Ice Storm

All over the granite state ice-coated trees came crashing down this morning along with power lines. Parts of the state look like a war zone.

By 11:30 a.m.,300,000 of Public Service of New Hampshire’s 500,000 customers were without power. In this neck of the woods, parts of Route 101 were closed. Keene was spared major damage, but the surrounding towns were hammered.

Twelve car crashes were reported on roads in Keene, Stoddard, Rindge, Jaffrey and Charlestown. State-wide there must be hundreds of motor vehicle accidents.

Take it from your injury lawyer: Stay home. If you need to travel, drive slowly and make sure you dress warmly in case you get stranded. Pack emergency supplies like a warm blanket and flashlight. Keep them in your car all winter.

Remember that traffic signals may be out during a power outage, so treat each intersection as a four-way stop.

Check on your elderly and disabled neighbors to make sure they have heat. Offer to pick up their mail or go to the store for necessary items.

Travel safely.

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