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Big doings in Massachusetts tomorrow– so vote!

Will it be the “shot heard around the world” with an improbable victory by the challenger Scott Brown, or will it be more of the same in the Bay State?

The election is to fill the seat held by Ted Kennedy for so many years.

As you probably know, the victor will be the crucial 60th vote– with the power to implement or destroy the Obama agenda. The stakes could not be higher.

Brown was never given a shot, and hardly registered on early polls. By all reports he is likely to pull off one of the greatest political upsets in the history of US politics.

No matter what your political perspective, it seems to be an American trait to pull for the underdog, as so much excitement mounts for the upstart challenger, who is on the verge of an historic upset.

As both sides know, anything can happen; nobody is backing down. It will be a fight to the finish.

Many folks look at this race as an indicator of where the country is going. It is not an understatement. The entire nation, as well, has its eyes on the race.

Will the nation take a left-hand turn, or will it put on the brakes?

Our nation is sharply divided on what is the best course.

I’m asking all my friends in Massachusetts ( I was born in Lowell) to make sure to vote. In most elections the turn-out is pretty pathetic, but this election promises to break records– and be the kind of turn-out we should have in all our elections.

It is wrong to take freedom for granted, lest we lose it.

Keep your strength, and tell your Mass friends to get out the vote!

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