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Arn’t you afraid of what they might think?

That is the question a good friend recently asked me.
He loves my blogs.
We share the same sense of humor, but he knows that not everybody does.
As an injury lawyer he thought I might want to be a little more careful, politic, or guarded.
And, in the old days when I might have been a tad bit more concerned about those kinds of things, I might have agreed.
Maybe, but probably not.
My response was first of all thanks for being honest with me, even at the risk of getting me mad.
Whenever a friend can be honest with you, then you know you have a good friend.
But I told him I like to lay it on the line with my blogs.
I do not want to be guarded or too cautious.
I want potential clients, those who might have sustained a serious personal injury, or who know someone who was injured, to get a look at me not only as an injury lawyer, but more importantly, as a human being.
I have no time or desire to play games or put on a false front.
As Popeye the Sailor said, I am who I am.
I get the same stuff sometimes when well meaning folks get worried about the fact I like to dress casually for work.
No, I am not worried for one second that injury victims will not want me to be their lawyer based on my failure to wear a three piece suit.
I used to dress elegantly and expensively many years ago.
Like many lawyers, I thought handmade suits could cover my insecurities.
Over the years, I’ve learned that it is not the saddle that makes the horse.
Frankly, I do not recall any injury victims who felt shortchanged because I failed to greet them dressed like a lawyer in lawyer clothes.
I have always worn like a badge of honor the notion that most folks say I do not look or act like a lawyer.
Thank God.
May that be the case for ages and ages.

Keep your strength,
Charlie Donahue

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