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“… And now the rest of the story”

Paul Harvey, one of the most famous radio personalities of all time, died today at age 90. At the height of his career, he had 2.5 million people listening to his program every day.

He had an immediately recognizable and trade mark radio voice. Paul Harvey News and Commentary always got to the heart of the matter. He was a story teller, and the most listened-to broadcaster in America.

” Hello Americans”, Mr Harvey would say. ” You know what the news is and in a minute you’re going to know the rest of the story.” He wrote of the ordinary and was humorous and witty.

This injury lawyer has a fond memory of Paul Harvey because one day a number of years ago, I was the subject of a Paul Harvey national radio broadcast.

Some of you might remember my legendary fight against the City of Keene zoning officials. The board would not let me hire more employees at my own office building because of a crazy zoning regulation.

The zoning law, however, permitted me to have a law office for my personal injury law practice, and run a non-commercial farm on the same property.

Well, you got it, I got my Irish up and put a farm in the front yard, right on busy Court St in Keene, N.H. I had chickens, roosters, hens,geese, and a very loud and obnoxious Guinea hen. They were kept in a pen, and had the finest accomodations. It was a sight to see. Teachers brought their classes to see the farm animals, and the traffic stopped so people could visit the farm. I have to say I enjoyed farming. If not for a booming personal injury law practice, I might have switched careers!

The farm made national news overnight, and Paul Harvey did a spot on me called: “squawking lawyer.” It was cleverly done and very funny. After making Paul Harvey’s broadcast, I was asked by radio talk show hosts all over the country to give interviews.

This small town injury lawyer got all kinds of national attention. To this day, I still get calls from people who remember the protest farm ,and hearing about Lawyer Donahue’s farm on Paul Harvey.

May Paul Harvey rest in peace.

Keep your strength.

Charlie Donahue, Injury law

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