Aug 13

I’ve Been Injured. What Do I Do Now?

Posted by Charlie Donahue in Free Legal Advice

I’m sorry to hear that you or someone you care about has been injured. Life, even under the best circumstances can be difficult. First, the most important thing you can do now is get the medical care and treatment you need. You need to get back on your feet so that you can take care[…]

Mar 29

Do I Have Enough Insurance?

Posted by Charlie Donahue in Free Legal Advice

I’m not in the business of selling insurance—believe me. But in all my years of litigating injury cases I find many clients do not have adequate auto insurance coverage. Make sure you have excellent liability coverage. $250,000 coverage doesn’t cost much more that $100,000. You should have at least $10,000 in medical payment coverage (even[…]

Feb 17

Do I need a Lawyer?

Posted by Charlie Donahue in Free Legal Advice

It depends on the case. Here is a universal rule: It is smart to consult an injury lawyer, to see if you have a case. Don’t—for one second—listen to anybody who says you can save money by doing it yourself. Injury law is a specialty. You wouldn’t ask a podiatrist to perform open heart surgery,[…]

Jan 06

The Insurance Adjuster Wants To Talk. Should I?

Posted by Charlie Donahue in Free Legal Advice

After 32 years of helping injury victims I can not think of one good reason why any injury victim should ever speak with an insurance adjuster before they consult with an injury lawyer. Even if the adjuster seems nice, this is an adversarial system. This means the insurance adjuster for the responsible party is on[…]

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