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A surprise visit from an injured friend

Today at the Donahue Law office we had a terrific surprise. We got a visit from a client who was injured in a horrific car crash a few years ago. She was broken up and down her body. The fact she survived was miraculous. To see her walk into the office without assistance was inspirational.

All her prior visits involved either a wheel-chair or walker. Today she came with a close friend.

Interestingly, after she got in the auto accident someone convinced her to see a different injury lawyer, one with a habit of dishonesty, lying and breaking the rules of lawyer ethics.

She didn’t know that stuff; she was fooled.

It’s not the kind of information that injury lawyer was putting in his ads.

The client decided to see me after she felt the lawyer was doing something unethical with her case.

We took her personal injury case and proceeded to victory in a way she says helped save her life.

She is financially secure forever, but she deserves to be.

She is the hero, not us.

She has managed to conquer the incredible ordeal, and has done so with strength, courage and dignity.

Her difficulties are far from over, but she sees- in a very real way- the gift of life.

When she walked through our front door today, she helped remind us why we do injury law.

This work has real life consequences on our clients… it’s all worthwhile.

Keep your strength.

Charlie Donahue
Injury Lawyer
Keene, N.H.

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