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A little racist in all of us? Not so fast.

I’m not the most politically correct fellow you’ll ever meet.

In fact, I pride myself on saying I joke about all ethnic groups equally.

I enjoy a good Irish joke, too, and with a name like Donahue you know where I’m coming from.

I’d like to tell you a little story that got me thinking about race.

I was at a sporting event and decided to use valet parking. I was met by a very nice fellow, who was black, or Afro-American, whatever I’m supposed to say. He took my keys, gave me a slip and promised to take care of my Mercedes.

You see, this injury lawyer does not consider himself to be a racist in any way, shape or form. ( By the way, I don’t like to refer to myself in the 3rd person, but it works in a blog, so pardon me).

Anyway, I get back from the game hours later, go to the parking lot and give my slip to the black/Afro-American fellow near the entrance.

No problem, right?


Problem. Same skin color. Different person.

The good fellow was not the attendant; he was a customer just like me.

I apologized and thanked him for being “good natured” because he handled it with supreme class, and wasn’t offended by it at all.

He said: ” You’ve got to be good natured.”

The whole drive home I was thinking I must be some kind of racist, even though I didn’t think I was. It was nothing I wanted to be for sure. I felt guilty.

Then it came to me.

He was the first person I saw when I got there & he was near the parking booth.

Had he been a lily-white guy, or anything else for that matter, I’m positive I would have handed him the ticket ( in a similar knee-jerk reaction) to get my car.

My response was not at all what it appeared to be. The appearance was not the reality.

I’m not in favor of hurting anybody, but I think we could use a lot less political correctness, and a little more good humor. It’s no good to take ourselves too seriously.

It wouldn’t hurt to handle things like the fellow in my story did. He could have made a big commotion about a totally innocent mistake, but he did not. He did not take himself too seriously.

In the business of injury law, I get to meet, and help, all kinds of folks– skin color, economic status & all that stuff, means nothing to me.

Be yourself, and if you have a good lawyer joke, lay it on me!

Thanks for reading this blog post.

Keep your strength.

Charlie Donahue
injury lawyer

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