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57-vehicle pileup on I-93

This morning, January 11, 2009, between exits 3 and 4 in Derry, N.H., dozens of vehicles collided on I-93 injuring over 100 people. One of the motorists said that it looked like a movie scene, and that you could hear crash after crash. 17 ambulances transported the injured to local hospitals. This highway has been the scene of other serious pileups over the years. Our thoughts are with those involved and their families.

If you have to drive in wintry conditions, please take care. Snow and ice are facts of life in NH., so be sure to exercise due caution on our roadways. Over the years I have seen more than my share of needless suffering. When I hear of pileups like this one, I have to think someone was going too fast for the conditions.

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