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2009 Gap Holiday Commercial Controversy

You might have seen the Gap television commercial over the holidays. It’s a favorite on You Tube, with over half a million hits last time I checked.

The commercial is up-beat and snappy, with some real good dancing.

Artistically it is superb.

Morally it is bankrupt.

At one point the dancers say something like: ” 2, 4, 6, 8, now’s the time to liberate,” and ” Do whatever feels right.”

Some might ask: “What’s the big deal, it’s just a commercial?”

But, I don’t find it to be an innocent commercial at all.

It expressly rejects Christmas in favor of a way of life that emphasizes self-determination and ego-ism over all else.

The attitude of just doing what makes you feel good is all very wrong.

True happiness comes from self-sacrifice and helping others.

Many have bought into a dangerous mindset and philosophy that says the meaning of life is to please oneself. Nothing else matters.

The results of this have led to moral decay, and a trash culture in many respects.

I do not see this commercial, and the philosophy upon which it is based, as being just a fun-thing. It is purposeful. It sugar coats a very selfish and empty way of life.

I believe it is important to be mindful and critical of everything we are being fed in the media. None of it is mere coincidence.

There used to be a time in this country when a special holiday like Christmas was treated with respect and reverence. It marks over 2000 years of an incredible event– The birth of Jesus Christ.

Let’s face it, that’s what Christmas is.

For centuries we marked time by this event: BC means Before Christ, and AD, in the year of the Lord.

Over the years, the forces of darkness have worked on eradicating this reality, and they continue to score successes.

An effort has been made to change BC to BCE– “before common era.” This is now what is taught in our public schools.

Why, one is compelled to ask?

What is there about Christ they don’t like?

Christmas is a time to reach out to others, particularly the less fortunate, and not to focus inward on ourselves to the exclusion of those around us.

The Gap television commercial has it all wrong.

The use of Christmas to promote a contrary way of life is unacceptable.

We live in an age of relativism where people are not supposed to hold on to notions of truth. We are told that what’s right for me might be wrong for someone else, as if truth is whatever we want it to be.

We are told to be tolerant, except they don’t tolerate us.

Keep your strength.

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